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Established in 2012, FairCity Removals and Courier Services Limited has many years of experience in the Removals profession, and provides a first class service to clients throughout the UK. The company is family run and is located in Perth Scotland. Myself (Jim), Jamie, Allan and Mark are here to help with what ever requires moved. FairCity do not let people down. If they have said they will do a job, Then they will be there. If for any reason they were unable to make it at the time stated, ( It happens road works ect )Then someone from FairCity would phone or text, Explaining what and why, and when they will get there.

With a team that includes 4 full time employees, Faircity Removals and Courier Services Limited has a professional team, highly skilled to look after your belongings. FairCity's policy is to treat every item as if it was there own. Myself (Jim) having spent 23 years in H. M. Forces as a married man, Moving home is like second nature.

Faircity Removals and Courier Services Limited is also a member of Federation of Small Businesses.

Faircity Removals and Courier Services Limited has a growing network of clients, located throughout the UK, including several large organizations as well as many private clients. Everyone is treated the same, with respect, irregardless of the size of job.

The business offers a variety of first class services to individuals and businesses, which is intended to suit any budget for everyone. With the right vehicles and equipment, the business also has friendly staff helping clients to save time and money. Let FairCity do the hard work.

   CALL US NOW ON 01738 560232 / 07988 721303


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